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Zoom and pan until you find our area. Then click to mark where the apiary is. Drag the marker or click again to relocate the apiary.

Please fill out the form with information about the apiary. Bee race is required. (marked with *). If you do not know which bee race you have select the last option.

For verification you need to enter your real name and working email address (marked with *) at the bottom. Your real name and email adress will not be shown publicly. It is only needed to confirm what you send and if you ever need to edit or remove the apiary.

Provided information will never be used for any other purpose other than to be displayed on The Apiary Map. We might edit the information when it comes to spelling, grammar or typography.

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Select this only if a visitor can come to this apiary to buy your honey. Do not select if you are not selling honey at this location. If you sell honey elsewhere you can write that in "Other information".
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